We are artists and creators guided by our intuitions and driven by our innate passion for creating art and impacting people

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We are artists and creators guided by our intuitions and driven by our innate passion for creating art and impacting people. 

Through the art of visual storytelling, our team of artists will come alongside you and your team, utilizing our skill-sets in filmmaking, photography, design and development to birth an identity that powerfully displays your vision and work to the world. 

Our process is intentionally intuitive. From concept to delivery, we live and create from the well of inspiration that exists commonly and uniquely within each of us. We enter every project with simple intentions and open minds to what will come naturally through our immersion within your story, surroundings and heart. 

We've traveled around the world, leading campaigns to support restoration homes for street children in Colombia, telling the stories of local leaders developing their communities in Jamaica, and captured a 200 year old cocoa plantation in the Trinidadian jungle.  

We've documented a 7th generation salt-making family harvesting an all-natural salt from an ancient ocean under the Appalachian mountains, told the stories of organizations employing & creating a quality of life for individuals with a disability, and lead branding and funding campaigns for health and sustainable projects in Coal Country.

Have a product, service or cause in need of creative direction & identity design? Need help developing your image to best present your story to the community you serve?  Want to send an artist to document the work you do around the world?



Art Director, Filmmaker, Photographer, Designer, Marketing Consultant, Brand Strategist

With a passion for storytelling and its ability to impact culture, Stephen Stonestreet has dedicated himself to capturing and creating unique images that empower organizations and individuals and enlighten the hearts and minds of the viewer.

He founded Stonestreet Creative in 2012, using his skill-set to lead branding, awareness and funding campaigns for a variety of companies, organizations and individuals. His continued efforts are focused on curating a network of artists, creators, and specialists that collaborate together to produce powerful messaging platforms and creative content for clients worldwide.

IG / @StephenStonestreet 

Artists in Collaboration

LAuren Stonestreet

Photographer / Charlottesville, VA

Taylor Napier

Filmmaker & Photographer / Nashville, TN


Past Clients // Appalachian Funders Network, Dead Oceans (Label), Cause A Scene, J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works, Sustainable Williamson, The Williamson Health & Wellness Center, Amizade Global Service-Learning, Inlet Dance Theatre, Open Arms Foundation, Write Choice Network, Liberty Health Group, and a slew of amazing artists, musicians, bands, and authors we love.

Publications // WhiteHouse.Gov, UpWorthy, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Renewable Energy World, Home Power Magazine, Green For All, OnEarth, Eye Opener TV, The Charleston Gazette. 

Collaborators // Xeno Productions, Mesh Design and Development, Taylor Napier Media, M Squared Creative.